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Unless you are faced with an emergency or extremely time sensitive matter, we request that you direct your inquiry to our e-mail address with a brief description of the nature of your inquiry as well as your telephone number, e-mail and mailing addresses. Unfortunately we cannot respond to general inquiries about matters such as licensure examination dates, or the availability of application forms. This information can be obtained directly from the specific regulatory or licensing board many of which maintain their own web sites.

As a matter of policy, this office will not assume responsibility for legal representation in any matter without a written engagement letter signed by the client, and approved by this office. This policy has been established in order to avoid last minute “dumping” of legal matters at our e-mail address without an appropriate opportunity to analyze and discuss the matter with the prospective client.

We will use our best efforts to respond to e-mail inquiries promptly. Nevertheless, there may be a delay of several days in doing so depending upon the level of inquiry. Although there are often similarities between various engagements, the matters generally addressed by this office tend to be highly individualized and do not lend themselves to cookie cutter treatment. In order to provide each client individualized consideration, we have to employ reasonable pre-screening policies.

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