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Fee Schedule

I. The standard fee for an initial consultation shall be $350.00 for up to 2 ½ hours of attorney time. This may include a preliminary review of records if applicable as well as a personal and/or telephone conference with the client. Additional time in excess of 2 ½ hours will be billed at the rate of $350.00 per hour. The purpose of this consultation is to identify legal and factual issues and to preliminarily explore a reasonable course of action.

II. Preliminary or investigative stage. Occasionally, licensure and/or disciplinary matters may be resolved without the necessity of a full evidentiary hearing or even an appearance before the regulatory or professional board. Representation in such instances often involves a review of pertinent records, administrative or statutory requirements and communication with the regulatory or licensure board short of filing a Petition for a statutory administrative hearing. Legal fees associated with this level of representation consist of an initial retainer of not less than $1000.00 which retainer is charged against hourly fees computed at $350.00 per hour. In many instances the total fee for this engagement will not exceed the retainer.

III. Administrative Hearings. Representation shall include the preparation of all petitions and associated pleadings and the preparation for and participation in the administrative hearing through and including final agency action. Representation may include appearances before an Administrative Law Judge and/or the regulatory licensure board. This engagement shall require an initial retainer the amount of which will vary depending upon the complexity and nature of the administrative proceeding which retainer shall be charged against hourly fees billed at the rate of $350.00 per hour. If feasible, a general budget of projected fees will be discussed with the client based upon the variables that are unique to each case.

IV. Appeal and Rule Challenges. Representation in appellate proceedings to Florida’s District Courts of Appeal and/or Supreme Court shall be on the basis of a flat fee, the amount of which will be based upon the nature and degree of difficulty of each proceeding. Fees associated with rule challenges will be based upon either a flat fee if the rule challenge is essentially non evidentiary or a retainer chargeable against regular hourly billings if a substantial factual record has to be developed as part of the rule challenge.

V. In all categories of representation the client shall be responsible for advancing and/or reimbursing out of pocket costs that are reasonable and necessary to the fulfillment of the engagement. Such costs shall include the copying of licensure records, court reporters fees, and expert witness fees if necessary. As a matter of policy, this office will not retain any expert not incur any single expense in excess of $500.00 without the client’s prior approval.

VI. All engagements must be confirmed in a written engagement letter signed by the client and this office. A clear facsimile transmission of the engagement letter is acceptable.